How to mint an Azurian?

Step 1

Azur Root

An Azur Root serves as a mintpass for an Azurian avatar.

A sacred item in the world, it can be offered to the Azurian gods to receive an Azurian.

You can get an Azur Root on the secondary market, like on OpenSea or Blur

Step 2


Upon redemption of your Azur Root, you will receive a unique Azurian avatar. The redemption process started on August 17, 2023 and is open indefinitely.

Owning an Azurian represents membership to the Azurbala franchise, grants access to exclusive holder experiences, and represents the start of your Azurian journey. 

The Azurian Creed

A new adventure awaits
Where every step into The Jungle brings us closer to the unknown
In Azurbala, power is never given, but taken
In Azurbala, never travel alone
In Azurbala, death is only the beginning

Azurbala is a new take on building a franchise
An IP with ambition to disrupt and expand
A jungle punk ethos inspired by the wilds of the digital age
A vision born from the internet and co-created with community
Azurbala embodies an unbreakable mindset: “When you bleed – let it scar”

Azurians forge harmony with the wonders of the universe
Azurians face the mysteries of The Jungle head-on
Azurians rise to meet life’s dangers and struggles
Azurians cultivate relationships that blossom into family
Azurians are the narrative

The Azurian spirit exists within us all
Will you answer The Jungle’s call?

Are you ready for Era 1?


Azurbala is an expansive jungle punk franchise born from the internet merging art, culture, and IP evolution created by Tally Labs.

“Jungle punk” is many things, but more than anything else it’s a culture. It’s an embodiment of everything it means to be Azurian. An epic jungle fantasy with a mix of modern and ancient tech. A dangerous world, where every day is a challenge and a risk. Shrouded in mystery, you never know what The Jungle will reveal.


Jungle punk culture is a representation of everything Azurbala is (it is not a separate NFT collection).

One of the most notable elements of any franchise is that it does not exist in a silo. Rather, it is all-encompassing across different mediums. Publishing, games, film/TV, and more… It’s this ubiquity that is our north star for Azurbala.


To that end, we are working with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry to get there. This includes the likes of our Head of Story, Emma Needell, previously written The Water Man on Netflix (which she executive produced alongside Oprah Winfrey), and Diana Williams, former Creative Development and Franchise Producer for Star Wars at Lucasfilm.


There are many stories to tell within Azurbala, and we look forward to building this franchise out into one that spans a number of different verticals.

No - we will not be publishing a formal roadmap in the traditional sense. We believe the best part of a book is the next page, and why people watch movies is to see what comes next. As such, we want to lean into surprise & delight with Azurbala, and lead with fun, cool shit that always prioritizes our community.


For more on the vision of Azurbala as an IP franchise and how we intend to build this forward - please see the “Azurbala - The Vision for a Jungle Punk IP Franchise” Medium article.

An Azur Root is a sacred item in Azurbala that comes from the Marrow Glades, and also serves as the mintpass for Azurian avatars.


There are three tiers of Azur Root - some rarer than others (and will play an impact on rarity of the Azurian you reveal).


Shortly after the close of the burn window, you will be able to redeem your Azur Root for an Azurian avatar. Or you may choose to hold your Azur Root.